Can I Combine Cold Therapy with Yoga? Supply Physical Therapy

Yoga is now one of the most popular exercises in the world, thanks to its numerous health benefits. Yoga has many proven benefits, from boosting your immune system to preventing severe health problems and improving your cognitive function. As more people continue to embrace yoga, many fitness and health experts are working tirelessly to figure out more ways to make this exercise more effective.

For instance, studies have revealed that yoga can be more effective when combined with cold therapy. This article outlines the benefits of combining yoga with cold therapy.

Benefits of Combining Yoga with Cold Therapy

The idea of combining cold therapy with you came from the realization that physical exercises drop when you exercise in hotter temperatures. Research shows that a marathoner’s performance slows down when temperatures increase. But yoga is better when temperatures drop. Here are the main benefits of combining cold therapy with yoga.

Increased Metabolism
When you work out in cold temperatures, your body will keep its internal temperature regular. Physical exercises increase your internal temperatures, causing your body to work harder to sweat, which interferes with your metabolism during exercise.

When you combine yoga with cold therapy, your body experiences cold stress, thus increasing metabolism to keep its internal temperature up. So, taking an ice bath after a yoga session will boost your metabolism and keep your body burning more calories long after working out.

Improved Mental Wellbeing
You'll relax and boost your mental well-being by using an ice bath after a yoga session. Research has also shown that a cold shower improves blood circulation, and a drop in body temperature prompts your system to respond by circulating more fresh blood.

A combination of cold therapy and yoga helps to deal with various mental problems like stress and anxiety. Also, endorphins help ease symptoms of nervousness and depression and decrease cortisol, the hormone that causes stress.

Whole Body Wellness
Combining cold therapy with yoga promotes holistic healing, especially if you are struggling with conditions like dissociation, tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, lower back pain, swelling, runner’s knee, splint, and more. Cold therapy reduces your nerve activity and skin temperature to relieve pain and inflammation. But when you combine it with yoga, your body works out both physically and mentally, thus promoting holistic healing.