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Great idea

I purchased these to eliminate the need for ice cubes. Works exactly as stated. Very happy with this purchase

Great investment

Purchased this to store my Breg Cube and accessories. Bag is well made with room enough to easily fit everything. Extremely satisfied with this purchase

Great investment

Ordered this to help with shoulder pain from rotator cuff surgery. What a God send. Works better than described!! Ordering was simple, shipping was very prompt.

Outstanding. Works incredibly well. Customer service was also excellent.

Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads
Lynn K. (West Palm Beach, US)

Already ownened my Polar cube and needed the shoulder attachment. It arrived in a timely manner and brought relief to my rotator cuff/bicep area. Worth the price. Easy to follow instructions. Thanks BREG!

Worked great and helped me get through hip surgery!

Looking for order

I commented that I didn't see my delivery, usually UPS leaves packages near front door. Responded immediately, said check mailbox. Yes, there it was. Thanks for quick response.

The leg strap is not working and I don’t have a receipt could yal help me with that ty

This is so much better than working with ice packs! My physical therapist suggested replacing some ice with frozen water bottles and that worked really well. I didn't have to buy ice or use all my ice for this machine. Advice for users: the water needs to flow, so don't sit on it. Position yourself so the pad is not squashed anywhere. I have no suggestions for improvements--works great!

Great Device

I ordered the Breg Polar Care Wave with cold compression universal pad to use after knee surgery. I love it so much! It's convenient and easy to use. Instead of using ice or the freeze bags, I use four frozen 8oz bottles of water. I keep 8 bottles frozen at a time so I can continuously use the device by rotating out the used water bottles. The device helped to reduce pain and swelling after surgery. I didn't need to use any narcotics. It's been 8 months since my surgery and I still use it every night. My surgeon's office had recommended a cold compression device from a different company that cost thousands of dollars. I don't know how much better that device is for that price. I am very happy with the function of the Breg Polar Care Wave at a fraction of the price of the other brand.

About 6 months after purchase, the prong on the pad broke off so the pad did not stay connected to the base unit. I contacted Supply Physical Therapy. They responded quickly and were very helpful. Because I was still within 6 months from purchase, they sent me a new compression pad within a week and had me send the defective pad to the manufacturer. The customer service was excellent!! Highly recommend the device and the business.

Great addition to therapy

Love the back pad!! Works great

DonJoy® Playmaker II Knee Brace
Andrea T. (Lake Forest, US)
Good brace but order a size up

I ordered the wraparound brace. Both my PT and I took measurements and consulted the sizing chart, and I ordered the size it recommended. When it came, it was so small that the edges did not even meet when I tried to wrap it around my leg. I had to exchange it for the next larger size. Now that I have the correct size, I do feel like it is a protective brace. The wraparound feature allows me to adjust it to my individual leg. I also have the ability to wear it under looser pants as well as put it over tighter pants more easily.

Had knee replacement surgery and this little machine saved so much swelling from happening!

Great solution for post-surgery icing

Effective and pretty simple once you figure out a few things - important to check it out before surgery!
The canister keeps ice & water chilled for several hours - no need to change the water between applications, and no need to disconnect the hose from the canister or the cuff! To empty the cuff, just place the canister on the floor so it’s lower than your knee. That allows you to put on the cuff and adjust the fit. Then place the canister on a tabletop so it’s higher than your knee, and gravity will start to fill the cuff. You then connect the power cord at the top of the canister and it will cycle between filling and emptying the cuff.
A small improvement would be adding an on/off to the power cord.
In all, a very helpful healing aid and good value for the money.

I like how it fits snuggly to my shoulder and keeps the pain controlled after surgery.

Never received this Item, nor a refund, they kept my money

Miserable experience

After a very long day of travel, hip replacement surgery, post op recovery, and more travel, I finally got to bed quite late. Within five minutes, I, along with my pajamas and bedding, was soaked in ice water because the Breg hip pad leaked. Supply Physical Therapy did send a mailing label, and upon notification of shipment, claims to have issued a refund. Two days later, that has not appeared on my credit card. At my two-week post op appointment, the provider said this was not the first time he's heard of defective Breg equipment. In my opinion, you will be far better served to buy a couple of ice packs and rotate them through your freezer; this is an over-priced, poorly manufactured item that can cause you major discomfort and inconvenience.

AirCast Shoulder Cuff

Customer service was excellent when I inquired about the shoulder cuff. The product has meet our needs and was used extensively after shoulder surgery.

Ice Freeze Bags (Kit of 12)
E.B. (Louisville, US)
Not Worth It

Almost all of these bags managed to get a tear in them and leaked. The idea is great, but the material the bags are made out of just doesn't hold up. I'm very disappointed. When they didn't have holes in them, they worked nicely.

Perfect added attachment for spinal surgery

This spinal back pad has worked well with the Breg Cube ice machine.....stays cold for hours....but of course not placed directly on the skin. However, I do not recommend the thin sterile
cover that one can purchase to cover the pad.....a waste of money....use a towel.
Highly recommend this company and their products.

This product works great! We used it after my sons surgery. East instructions!

Can't Live Without

After undergoing a knee replacement over two years ago, I went home from the hospital with my Breg Cube. It was a lifesaver, as I continued to suffer with chronic pain. Unfortunately, I wore it out. Being familiar with the machine, I was happy to see that it was still on the market. Every evening, I sit down to relax with my knee wrapped, and the cold water running through the hose to provide relief. Only wish there was a portable Cube!

Aircast® Shoulder Cryo Cuff & IC Cooler
deborah k. (Surprise, US)
Best Ice Machine Ever

Best ice machine ever.
The continuous circulating ice cold water coupled with the compression of the cuff aided in decreasing swelling and inflammation and speed up my recovery