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Easy and fast

Great product and easy to get parts for.

Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads
Maria H. (North Liberty, US)

My 17 year old daughter had PAO surgery (hip socket deepened and rotated) and femur osteotomy surgery and the Breg Cube and pads kept her comfortable, controlling swelling and pain. I would not want to go through surgery without one of these cubes and these pads. The hospital gave us a cube/pad from another brand and the Breg has been the best by far - the quality is incomparable. I cannot recommend this enough.

Also, the customer service/shipping from Supply Physical Therapy was excellent!

Breg® Polar Care Cube w/ Knee Pad
Colleen B. (Lakeville, US)
Game Changer

Loved the ice machine after knee replacement! Pain and swelling eased immensely. We froze water bottles which made it even easier to use. Worth every penny!

Aircast® Knee Cryo Cuff & IC Cooler
Debra S. (Minneapolis, US)

Very easy to use and comfortable.

Aircast® Cryo/Cuffs & IC Coolers
N.B. (Thermopolis, US)
Great product

I only wish i would of ordered it before teds surgery = had to wait two days. It has really made a difference in pain and pain tolerance. He is not taking any prescription pain pills now

Shoulder Pad

This is an amazing accessory for my ice machine that I purchased years ago for a knee injury. I was so happy to discover that there were attachments made to fit my machine, for use with other body parts. . The product arrived promptly and the company worked with me in fixing a mistake i made during the ordering process.

Aircast® Cryo/Cuffs & IC Coolers
carolyn t. (Indianapolis, US)

I am very satisfied with my cold therapy machine. The compression is good, it runs quietly, and it has a long cord.

Most important.... It really helps with the swelling and pain. For me, it has been a life saver.
I recommend it to everyone, especially if they are having knee replacement surgery.

Aircast® Cryo Cuff IC Replacement Wraps
janet b. (Tallapoosa, US)
Knee air cast

Works great. Glad I kept the machine from my elbow so I only needed the knee air cast attachment. Was delivered fast.

Aircast® Cryo/Cuffs & IC Coolers
Hilda F. (Montgomery, US)
Knee cold therapy machine

Works great!!

Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads
Roger K. (Locust Valley, US)
Shoulder surgery post op

Great product came quickly. I just wish the hose was about 6 inches longer to make it easier to put on and off by yourself


It's an ok device, very simple to use.

Aircast® Airlift PTTD Brace
Faye H. (Brandon, US)

Got the brace and am pleased with.
NOT happy your company advertised a discount for first time customers BECAUSE I did NOT get the discount.

Works great!

Works as advertised. Pump motor is very quiet when running and can be used while napping as long as you monitor use time. Water/ice bucket is large enough to easily hold a couple of lunch box gel ice packs. Highly recommend!

Great post op relief

I had shoulder rotator cuff repair done & a friend highly recommended an ice machine!!! This has been GREAT for decreasing inflammation & pain control! Very easy to set up & use & soooo much easier to keep in place than a reg ice pack!! Highly recommend

Breg® Polar Care Cube System w/ Wrap-On Pads
smbhtr@gmail.com (Mont Vernon, US)
Good purchase

I bought the polar cube for a knee replacement surgery I have coming up and have been using it on my bad knee, it definitely helps with the pain control and couldn’t be easier to use. SMB

Excellent Product

Makes it very easy to keep my knee cold for hours and helps with pain control for my right knee replacement. I use it all day and evening with 2 ice replacements in the early morning and mid PM.

Exact Replacement - Great Value

We needed to replace the knee pad from a borrowed Donjoy IceMan setup, and this is an exact fit. Easy purchase process and even a sooner-than-promised delivery.

Breg® Polar Care 4ft Extension Tube
Carol B. (Minneapolis, US)
Didn’t even open it

Bought this extension tubing because we weren’t sure where my husband would be recuperating, either in the bedroom or the recliner and I didn’t want to be short on tubing. We didn’t need it after all so it hasn’t been opened. I hope it can be returned.

Excellent cold therapy!

This was purchased for my husband just before he had rotator cuff surgery. It is the absolute best way to deliver the cold therapy that is required to avoid any painful swelling and inflammation following surgery like this. I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and use. The shoulder pad is fantastic because it puts the cold right where it is needed and without the weight of the ice packs you get from your orthopedic surgeon for aftercare. After using it (40 minutes on, 60 minutes off) for 48 hours, he was able to stop the pain medication and the surgical site looks great. Glad to have spent the time researching this and spending the money. Also, the representative (I sadly forgot her name) who called me back after leaving my initial message was so great to work with and she answered my many questions readily, even when I repeated some for clarification. She was a perfect example of how customer service should be.

Poor instructions

It would be better if the instructions were better with better instructions showing all individual pieces shown seperate and price more realistically lower

Perfect for need

The ease of use, the length of time the water remains cold and the versatility is worth ever penny ! I purchased this for a tummy tuck and it has been perfect !

Breg® Polar Care Cube w/ Shoulder Pad
Dianne D. (Minneapolis, US)

Have not used it yet, Surgery is later

Breg® VPulse Cold Compression Replacement Pads
Robin D. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Shoulder pad replacement

Received this replacement pad in two day via fed-ex delivery. Great fast response from company representative returning my phone calls & emails. I like their product a lot. Will buy from them again.

My Berg

I bought this for a shoulder replacement surgery that had to be rescheduled. I set it up and thought this was an excellent addition for my recovery.

Highly recommend for rotator cuff surgery

I had rotator cuff surgery w/biceps tenodesis and subacromial decompression on 2/28/23.. the Breg Polar Care Cube system has been fantastic in controlling my pain and swelling! Enough relief from pain that I have already been able to stop the heavy meds and just use OTC meds and ice therapy. I also purchased the Ice Freeze Bags to make it easier and more convenient to have enough ice available as I ran the machine constantly the first day and night after surgery. This unit held 4 Freeze Bags that last about 4hrs. I also used a smart plug to make it easy to turn off & on. My only wish is that the ice lasted longer. But an awesome product that makes recovery much easier!!!