Comprehensive Guide to Applying the Breg Polar Care Cube Shoulder Pad Supply Physical Therapy

Recently, Steve and Michelle provided an insightful training on the correct application of the shoulder pad for the Breg Polar Care Systems, specifically focusing on the Cube and Kodiak systems shoulder pad. This guide is a detailed summary of their instructions, ensuring that users can effectively and safely use these systems. Here is a detailed summary of their instructions. Watch by clicking the thumbnail below or read this summary. 

Choosing the Right Shoulder Pad

The first step in the process is selecting the appropriate shoulder pad size. The choice between the regular and the XL shoulder pad depends on the user's chest size. Individuals with a chest circumference below 42 inches should opt for the regular size, while those above this measurement should choose the XL. This sizing guideline is applicable to both men and women.

Initial Preparations

Upon receiving the pad, it's crucial to verify the part number, as the pads for the Kodiak and Cube systems are not interchangeable. It's important to note that the pads come in a sealed bag, which, once opened, nullifies the possibility of return. This is particularly relevant as these pads are often used by surgery patients. Along with the pad, users will find a reminder to ensure they have the correct pad, a QR code linking to a YouTube channel for additional guidance, and a skin warning label.

Importance of Skin Protection

A critical aspect of using the shoulder pad is to never place it directly on the skin, as it could cause harm. The recommended protocol is to use the pad for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. To protect the skin, sterile dressings are available for each pad type. These dressings, which also come sealed, provide a barrier between the skin and the pad.

Applying the Shoulder Pad

The application process involves attaching numbered straps to corresponding numbers on the pad. For instance, strap number three attaches to spot number three on the pad, and so forth. Before applying the pad, if a barrier is being used, it should be placed next. Alternatively, a t-shirt or thin towel can serve as a barrier.

Fitting the Pad

The fitting process starts with the number three strap, which goes under the arm, followed by the number two and number one straps. These can be adjusted for comfort, ensuring neither too tight nor too loose a fit.

Preparing the Cooler

The next step involves preparing the cooler, which includes using freezer bags available on their website. These bags, which replace ice cubes, are placed in the cooler along with water up to the indicated water line. After securing the lid, the hoses from the pad and cooler are connected, ensuring a proper click sound that indicates a secure connection. Finally, the power supply is plugged in, and the system is ready for use.

Usage Guidelines

It's essential to adhere to the recommended usage of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, unless otherwise directed by a physician. This guideline helps in maximizing the therapeutic benefits while ensuring safety.

In summary, Steve and Michelle's training on the Breg Polar Care Cube Shoulder pad application is comprehensive, covering everything from initial setup to actual usage. By following these detailed instructions, users can ensure effective and safe use of the Breg Polar Care Systems.