Features to Look For In Cryo Therapy Machines Supply Physical Therapy

Although ice packs are still being used to treat soft-tissue injuries, they are slowly being overtaken by modern devices that are more advanced and convenient. One of these devices is the cryotherapy machine. A cryotherapy machine uses liquid nitrogen, which is pumped into it from a liquid nitrogen dewar. Liquid nitrogen is kept at very low temperatures of about −195.79 °C or −320 °F. When you are choosing a cryotherapy machine, there are several important features you need to consider.

Safety Features


If you are a physician, you need to be concerned about the safety of your patients by choosing a cryotherapy machine that is safe to use. Since a cryotherapy machine is designed to apply cold temperatures to your skin, you need to ensure that it has all the necessary safety features to protect your skin against cold-related injuries. For instance, a good cryotherapy machine should have an onboard sensor to monitor the temperatures. Also, it should have thermal imaging and biometrics to help you know when the temperature on your skin changes during the physiotherapeutic procedure. It should also have an automatic shutoff to prevent you from overexposing your skin to cold temperatures.

Size and Weight

For you to enjoy the full benefits of a cryotherapy machine, it has to fit you snugly. If you buy a cryotherapy chamber, make sure it has the right weight limit and height range. These features are extremely important, especially if you are planning to use the machine for commercial purposes. You have to make all your clients feel counted in. Fortunately, most cryotherapy machines on the market today are universal. Most localized units that target specific body parts are compact and easily portable with integrated carry handles. So, you can enjoy your cold therapy sessions from where you want


Before you buy a cryotherapy machine, ensure it has the latest technology for better performance and usability. A cryotherapy machine that features the latest technologies will guarantee you great convenience and effectiveness. For instance, your device should have a cooling reservoir, pump technology, insulated tube, and adjustable cold therapy pads that conform to different parts of your body. The cooling reservoir should also have a digital panel to allow you to monitor the temperatures.


Some cryotherapy machines, especially the commercial ones, are powered by electricity, while the localized ones use batteries. If you are buying the device for personal use, you should go for the ones that use batteries because you can use them anywhere. But if it’s for commercial use, the ones powered by electricity make more monetary sense. For more information on cryotherapy machines, talk to Supply PT.