How Can a Lumbar Traction Device Help Me? Supply Physical Therapy

Do you often suffer from the pain associated with nerve root impingement or muscle spasm? If so, you need to learn how to reduce this pain through lumbar traction. This article talks about the benefits of using a lumbar traction device.

What Is Lumbar Traction?

Lumbar traction is applying a stretching force to the lumbar vertebrae either manually or mechanically to distract individual joints of the lumbar spine. This kind of traction helps to separate the spaces between the vertebrae - the bones forming your spine. The separation of these bones helps to reduce pressure on the pinched nerves, especially the sciatic nerve, thereby decreasing pain and improving mobility.

Lumbar traction also helps to treat degenerative disc diseases, herniated or bulging discs, and osteoarthritis. Most physiotherapists have made this treatment part of their comprehensive care plan. Here are some of the benefits of using a lumbar traction device.

Pain Relief

When you apply force using this traction device, your spine will be straightened in a controlled way to relieve the pressure that usually causes pain. This pressure also creates a perfect physical atmosphere for the healing process. So, if you consistently experience lower back pain, you should try this therapy.

Treatment of Various Conditions

A lumbar traction device can also treat a number of conditions such as spinal stenosis and spinal arthritis. This type of therapy has become a treatment plan for many medical conditions related to the spine.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Treating most of these medical conditions can be a strenuous process that may require surgery. But with a lumbar traction device, you do not have to undergo any surgery because it relies on applying controlled pressure to your spine to promote healing. You will purely lie down on the table to allow your therapist or lumbar traction machine to apply force. This therapy hardly requires you to remove your clothes. But you might be asked by your therapist to reposition your clothes for practical application of the force.

Combine with Other Treatments

A Lumbar traction device can be used together with other treatment methods for overall healing. For instance, you can include electric stimulation, ultrasound application, or cold and hot therapy treatments in your lumbar traction therapy for more holistic and personalized medicine. Also, when pressure is appropriately applied to your discs, it encourages your body to release important nutrients that will help speed up the healing of different parts of your body.