How To Apply The DonJoy Shoulder Pad Supply Physical Therapy

Recently, Michelle from Supply Physical Therapy provided an insightful training on how to correctly apply the DonJoy shoulder pads. This session was particularly useful for those looking to understand the nuances of using these therapeutic aids effectively.


Understanding the Sizes and Preparations

Michelle began by explaining the two sizes available: small and regular. The choice of size is based on the chest measurement, with the small pad being suitable for those with a chest size of less than 42 inches, and the regular size for those above this measurement. She emphasized the importance of using a barrier between the skin and the pad for safety and hygiene. While Supply Physical Therapy offers sterile dressings designed for these pads, Michelle mentioned that any suitable barrier can be used. For more detailed specifications, she directed viewers to the Supply Physical Therapy website.

Step-by-Step Application Process

The demonstration focused on the small shoulder pad. Michelle highlighted a crucial tip: ensuring the hose is facing downward before application. The pad and its straps are conveniently numbered to aid in correct attachment. The process involves matching the straps with their corresponding numbers on the pad.

  1. Attaching the Straps: The bicep strap, labeled as number two, should be attached to the outer side of the pad. The remaining straps are then attached to the back side of the pad.

  2. Applying to the Patient: Michelle demonstrated the application process on a patient. The bicep strap is attached first, followed by the chest strap, and finally, the underarm strap. Each of these straps is adjustable, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit.

  3. Final Adjustments and Therapy Connection: After the straps are in place and adjusted for comfort, the pad is ready to be connected to the therapy system.

Michelle's training was comprehensive and easy to follow, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to use the DonJoy shoulder pads effectively. Her clear instructions and practical tips ensure that users can apply these pads correctly and comfortably, enhancing the therapeutic experience.

For more information and resources, Michelle encouraged viewers to visit the Supply Physical Therapy website and explore their video library. This session is just one example of the valuable guidance and support that Supply Physical Therapy offers to its users.