How To Apply the OA Knee Brace with Taylor Parks from Aspen Medical Supply Supply Physical Therapy

In a recent informative session, Taylor Parks from Aspen Medical Supply demonstrated the use of the OA knee brace, a product designed to alleviate knee pain for those suffering from arthritis and similar conditions. This video, part of a series aimed at educating viewers on medical supplies, offers a comprehensive guide on the OA Aspen knee brace, from its concept to its application. Read and benefit from Taylor's insightful instruction or watch the video linked below.

Understanding the OA Knee Brace

Taylor Parks begins by highlighting the prevalence of arthritis, noting that over 32 million Americans are expected to experience some form of this condition in their lifetime. The OA knee brace is specifically designed for ambulatory use, meaning it's intended for use during activities of daily living that typically cause knee pain, rather than for periods of prolonged sitting or during car rides.

The Mechanism Behind the Brace

The OA wrap works by unloading the opposite side of the knee, thereby relieving pressure. Taylor likens this to pushing on one side of a set of double doors, causing the other side to open. Similarly, the brace applies pressure on one side of the knee, creating space on the other side to alleviate discomfort.

Step-by-Step Application

Taylor demonstrates the application process, emphasizing the importance of positioning and adjustment for effective relief. The brace comes with numbered tabs for easy application, starting from just above the knee. The key component of the brace is the condyle pad, which can be adjusted to exert the right amount of pressure on the unaffected side of the knee. This adjustment is done using a special key, turning it clockwise to move inward and counterclockwise to move outward. The final step involves tightening the last straps, also numbered, to ensure the brace is secure.

Usage and Recommendations

Once the brace is applied, users are encouraged to walk around to assess comfort and make any necessary adjustments in subsequent uses. Taylor also advises wearing the brace directly on the skin for optimal effectiveness, as braces tend to move up and down, and direct skin contact helps in keeping the brace in place.

This video serves as a valuable resource for individuals dealing with knee pain due to arthritis or similar conditions. Taylor Parks' expertise and the detailed demonstration of the OA knee brace offer viewers a clear understanding of how this device can aid in their daily lives, potentially bringing significant relief and improved mobility. For more informative content like this, viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel.