How To Use Large Rectangle Pad For The Breg Polar Care Cube Supply Physical Therapy

In a recent training video, Steve and Michelle from Supply have demystified the process of using the large rectangle pad for the Breg Polar Care Cube, a revolutionary device in cold therapy. This comprehensive guide is a boon for anyone looking to alleviate pain and swelling due to surgery, injury, or strenuous physical activity. Watch by clicking the thumbnail below or by reading the following detailed summary. 


Understanding the Basics: Choosing the Right Pad

The duo begins by stressing the importance of selecting the correct pad and part number for your needs. This step is crucial as it ensures the therapy's effectiveness and safety. They guide viewers through the process of verifying the part number, located on the pad's label, ensuring you start on the right foot.

Skin Safety First: The Importance of a Barrier

A key takeaway from the video is the emphasis on skin protection. Direct contact with the cold pad can lead to skin damage or frostbite. To prevent this, Steve and Michelle recommend using a sterile dressing or a thin towel as a barrier between the skin and the pad. This simple yet vital step can make a significant difference in your therapy experience.

Step-by-Step Application: Ease and Comfort

The heart of the video lies in its step-by-step demonstration of applying the large rectangle pad. The process, as shown, is straightforward – from placing the sterile dressing onto the pad to positioning it on the desired body part. They highlight that this particular pad, designed for versatility, can be used on various body parts, enhancing its utility.

Connecting and Starting Your Therapy: A Seamless Process

Connecting the pad to the cooler is another critical step covered in the video. The presenters ensure viewers understand how to securely attach the hose from the pad to the cooler, a step accompanied by a satisfying 'click' sound indicating a successful connection. They also cover the setup of the power supply, making the initiation of the therapy session a breeze.

Pro Tip for Continuous Therapy: The Convenience of Freeze Bags

In a helpful tip, Michelle introduces the concept of using freeze bags in the cooler. This method is particularly beneficial for those undergoing continuous therapy, as it eliminates the constant need for ice. By rotating freeze bags between the cooler and the fridge, the therapy session becomes more efficient and user-friendly.

Steve and Michelle's training video on using the large rectangle pad for the Breg Polar Care Cube is more than just an instructional guide; it's a resource empowering individuals to take control of their recovery process. By breaking down each step and offering practical tips, they ensure that viewers can confidently and safely use this innovative cold therapy device. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their healing journey with the power of cold therapy.