How To Use The Knee Compression Pad For The Breg Kodiak (Intelli-Flo) Supply Physical Therapy

Recently, Michelle and Steve from Supply Physical Therapy conducted an enlightening training session on the effective use of the Knee Compression Pad for the Breg Kodiak (Intelli-Flo). This innovative device is a game-changer in the realm of cold therapy, offering substantial relief for those recovering from surgery, injuries, or experiencing the typical aches of an active lifestyle.


The Importance of Correct Usage

The session began with Michelle emphasizing the necessity of selecting the appropriate pad. The correct part number, found on the pad's label, is crucial for ensuring compatibility and effectiveness. Additionally, she cautioned against placing the cold pad directly onto the skin. To avoid potential skin damage or frostbite, a sterile dressing or a thin cloth should always be used as a barrier. This aligns with the universal protocol for cold therapy: a 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off approach.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Steve took over to demonstrate the application of the knee pad. He detailed the importance of ensuring the larger part of the pad covers the thigh area, adjusting the straps for comfort and security. The focus on correct attachment of the hose to the cooler, ensuring a 'click' sound that indicates a proper connection, was particularly helpful. He also introduced the use of freeze bags in the cooler, a convenient tip for maintaining a continuous cold therapy routine, especially beneficial for individuals managing the therapy on their own.

Continuous Support and Community Engagement

The session was not just about instruction but also about building a community of support. Michelle encouraged viewers to share their experiences and questions in the comments section. The team's commitment to providing ongoing assistance was evident in their invitation for viewers to reach out via email or phone for any further queries or concerns.

This training session by Michelle and Steve was not only informative but also empowering, equipping viewers with the knowledge and confidence to use the Knee Compression Pad for the Breg Kodiak (Intelli-Flo) effectively. As we embrace these innovative medical products, it's sessions like these that remind us of the importance of proper usage and the value of expert guidance in our recovery journeys.