How To Use The Shoulder & Shoulder XL Pad For The Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Supply Physical Therapy

In their latest video, Michelle and Steve from Supply provided an insightful tutorial on how to effectively use the Shoulder & Shoulder XL Pad with the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo system. Their step-by-step guide is a boon for anyone looking to alleviate pain and swelling after surgery, an injury, or just a strenuous day. Watch by clicking the thumbnail below or read the following summary:


Understanding Your Cold Therapy Device

The first step in the process involves ensuring you have the correct pad. This is determined by checking the part number listed on the pad's label. A critical reminder from the video is that once the sealed bag of the pad is opened, it cannot be returned. Additionally, different connectors are required for the Cube and Kodiak systems, so it’s crucial to order the correct pad.

Skin Protection: A Must in Cold Therapy

A vital piece of advice shared is the importance of never placing the cold pad directly onto your skin. This could lead to damage or even frostbite. To prevent this, Supply offers sterile pads for each cold therapy pad on their website. Alternatively, a thin towel or t-shirt can be used, but the direct contact of the pad with skin should be strictly avoided. The application of these protective layers involves removing tabs from the sterile dressing and sticking it inside the pad before applying it to your skin.

Applying the Kodiak Shoulder Pad

The video then seamlessly transitions into the application process of the Kodiak shoulder pad, which is also applicable for the EXL shoulder pad. With the sterile dressing already in place, the long strap is brought around the body, followed by the strap under the arm and finally around the bicep. Adjustments can be made for comfort and fit. Connecting the hose from the pad to the cooler, ensuring a secure connection, and then plugging in the power supply initiates the therapy session.

Enhancing Your Therapy Experience

A handy tip shared by Michelle and Steve involves the use of freeze bags in the cooler, a convenient alternative to constantly using ice. These freeze bags, available in packs of 12, can be rotated between the cooler and the fridge, simplifying the process especially for those undergoing therapy alone.

This video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to efficiently use the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo system for shoulder therapy. Michelle and Steve's expertise makes the process approachable and easy to follow, ensuring you can get back to living your life with minimal discomfort.