Maximizing Comfort with the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Hip Pad: A Step-by-Step Guide Supply Physical Therapy

In a recent training video, Steve and Michelle from Supply introduced viewers to the effective use of the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Hip Pad, a vital tool for cold therapy. Cold therapy is an excellent method for alleviating pain and swelling post-surgery, injury, or after intense physical activity. This training is part of their ongoing series aimed at educating on the application and use of medical products. Watch by clicking the thumbnail below or read the following summary:

Ensuring Correct Product and Safety Precautions

The first step in using the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Hip Pad involves verifying the pad's part number, which can be found on the white label at the front right corner of the pad. It's important to note that once the sealed bag of the pad is opened, it cannot be returned. The package includes a flyer indicating different connectors for the cube and Kodiak systems, ensuring you have the correct pad for your device.

A crucial safety measure highlighted is the skin warning flyer. Direct contact of the cold pad with the skin can lead to damage or frostbite. The recommended protocol is to use the cold therapy for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Consulting a doctor for additional instructions is always advised.

Protecting Your Skin

To protect the skin, Supply sells sterile pads for each cold therapy pad. Alternatively, a thin towel or t-shirt can be used, but direct skin contact should be avoided. The sterile dressing comes in a sealed package, and once opened, tabs must be removed before sticking it onto the pad, ensuring full coverage.

Applying the Hip Pad

The application process of the Kodiak Hip Pad requires attention to detail. The pad comes with Velcro pieces that should be placed on the side corresponding to the body part being treated. The placement is guided by outlines on the pad. After attaching the straps, which may need to be cut for a better fit, the pad is ready to be applied to the hip. The larger part of the pad should cover the hip area, with straps going around the hip and thigh for a comfortable fit.

Connecting and Starting the Therapy

The next step involves connecting the hose on the pad to the hose on the cooler, ensuring the metal tab is pressed down before connection. A 'click' sound indicates a secure connection. After plugging in the power supply to the cooler, the therapy can begin.

Simplifying the Process: The Number One Trick

To enhance the ease of use, Supply offers freeze bags that can be used in the cooler. These bags come in packs of 12, with three placed in the cooler and the rest kept in the fridge, allowing for a continuous rotation. This method is particularly helpful for individuals managing the therapy alone, reducing the need to constantly replenish ice.

The training video concludes with an invitation for feedback and reminders to like, subscribe, and reach out with any questions or concerns. Supply's commitment to customer support is evident, with contact information provided for further assistance.

This comprehensive guide from Steve and Michelle not only simplifies the process of using the Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Hip Pad but also emphasizes the importance of safety and comfort during cold therapy.