Saunders® Cervical Traction Device Supply Physical Therapy

Cervical traction is the traction (stretching) of the spine as a form of treatment for neck pain and other related injuries. This procedure is performed using a special device that is commonly referred to as a cervical traction device. The device is designed to slightly stretch your neck thus reducing pressure on your spine by pulling or separating your vertebrae. This article tells you the benefits of using Saunders® cervical traction device.

Why You Should Use, Saunders® Cervical Traction Device

It is important to mention that this cervical traction device is designed to stretch the neck region (cervical for starters). Also, it does not require assembly. So, you will use it straight out of the package. However, you should never use it without a prescription from your medical doctor. Saunders® cervical traction device comes with several advanced features to enhance its performance.

For instance, it features patented self-adjusting neck wedges that ensure the device fits properly around your cervical region to avoid further injuries. It also comes with an original pump design that incorporates a simple “click in place” mechanism for ease of use. Another benefit of using Saunders® cervical traction device is that its quick and easy patient set-up allows you to perform your regular cervical traction procedures at home without assistance. Therefore, this device offers you a portable treatment solution that focuses on patients’ compliance and satisfaction.

This cervical traction device also directs the traction forces to the back of your head to avoid compressing your Temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). If this joint is compressed for a long time, it can lead to TMJ pain and other disorders. The device also features an easy-to-read pressure gauge that gives you total control of the amount of force to apply to the back of your head. That way, you can safely treat your spine pain and other injuries without the help of a technician.

With a blow-off valve, this device can easily control the amount of force applied to reduce the risk of causing injuries. Its innovative design imitates the kind of traction offered in hospitals, thus promoting consistency of treatment. Furthermore, its positioning alternatives allow you to enjoy different treatment options. If you are a clinician, you will be able to offer varying treatment options with this Saunders® cervical traction device. Its patented pneumatic system ensures that there is reliable force accuracy while delivering leak-free performance. For more information on Saunders® cervical traction device, talk to Supply PT today.