The Role of Lateral Support in Spinal Braces: A Focus on Horizon™ 637 LSO Supply Physical Therapy

Today we will be introducing the first post of our 16 part series on Aspen Bracing. We added this line of products at the end of 2023 and we are excited to share our passion for spinal health and cutting edge bracing technology. 

Spinal braces play a crucial role in providing support and stability for various back conditions. Among these, the Horizon™ 637 LSO stands out due to its unique design and functionality, particularly in offering lateral support. This feature is not just an add-on but a critical aspect that sets the Horizon™ 637 LSO apart from other spinal braces in the market.

Moveable, Rigid Side Panels: Enhancing Lateral Support

One of the key features of the Horizon™ 637 LSO is its moveable, rigid side panels. These panels are designed to offer increased lateral control, which is essential for patients needing additional support. The flexibility to move these panels as required, or even remove them as the patient's recovery progresses, provides a customizable support system that adapts to the changing needs of the patient.


Why Lateral Support Matters

Lateral support in spinal braces is vital for several reasons. It helps in stabilizing the trunk, especially in cases where patients suffer from conditions that lead to weakened or fatigued muscles. This kind of support is particularly beneficial following surgery or injury, where the spine requires additional stability during the healing process. By providing targeted compression and support, the Horizon™ 637 LSO aids in creating a conducive environment for healing.

Unique Features of Horizon™ 637 LSO

Apart from the moveable side panels, the Horizon™ 637 LSO boasts several other features that contribute to its effectiveness:

  • One Size Adjustable: The brace is designed to comfortably fit a wide range of waist sizes, making it a versatile option for many patients.
  • Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism: The patented SlickTrack™ tightening system allows for independent tightening of the top and bottom sections, enabling patients to localize compression where it's most needed.
  • Reliable Structural Integrity: The integration of tri-band technology and vertical stays ensures stability and maintains the brace's structural integrity, providing effective compression and flexibility.
  • Adaptability for Recovery: The Horizon™ 637 LSO can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO, offering a lower-profile option for managing recurring ailments.

The Horizon™ 637 LSO is more than just a spinal brace; it's a sophisticated support system designed to cater to the specific needs of patients recovering from back surgeries or injuries. Its emphasis on lateral support, combined with its other innovative features, makes it a standout choice for those seeking reliable and adaptable spinal support.