What Features to Look for in Cold Therapy Devices? Supply Physical Therapy

Today, you can find many highly advanced and effective cold therapy devices that deliver the needed treatment experience. The success of your cold therapy treatment depends on your device, and this article tells you what features to look for in cold therapy devices.

Types of Cold Therapy Devices

As more people continue to embrace cold therapy treatment, more cold therapy treatment devices continue to emerge. Whether you need a handheld device or an immovable machine for your cold therapy sessions, you can easily find it on the market. Here are the most common types of cold therapy devices on the market today:

  • Cold compression therapy pump: This portable electric cryotherapy machine uses gel wraps to deliver cold temperature.
  • Portable cold compression machine: This compact electronic machine uses high flow technology to deliver cryotherapy and compression treatment. It features pads, a hose storage system, and a built-in carry handle.
  • Gravity Cooler: This cryotherapy machine isn’t motorized. Instead, it’s powered by gravity. So, users have to set it above them to allow the cold water to flow into the pads through gravity.
  • Handheld cryotherapy device: This is a simple handheld device designed to target specific areas that need cold treatment. You can carry it in your bag when traveling to continue enjoying your cold treatment sessions wherever you go.
  • Cryochamber: This is a large compartment designed to offer full-body cold therapy, and it uses low-temperature liquid nitrogen to provide cold treatment.

Features of a Good Cold Therapy Device

If you are buying a handheld or portable cold therapy device, ensure it has the right pads. These pads should be universal to allow you to treat different parts of your body.

Temperature Controls
Make sure your cold therapy device comes with reliable temperature controls to help regulate temperatures. Some controls are automatic, so you won’t have to adjust temperatures manually. A cryo-chamber should have dedicated controls to help you choose the amount of cold you want.

Rechargeable Batteries
Since most cold therapy devices are motorized, you should choose the one with a rechargeable power system for convenience and low maintenance cost.

Carry Handle
If you want a portable device, make sure it has a carry handle to help you carry it around easily.

An excellent cold therapy machine should have a timer that shuts it off when the set duration is over to avoid injuries when you fall asleep with the device on.