Breg Cube Troubleshooting FAQs’

The Polar Care Cube System is intended to treat post-surgical and acute injuries to reduce edema, swelling, and pain where cold therapy is indicated. It is intended to be used by or on the order of licensed healthcare professionals in hospitals, outpatient clinics, athletic training settings, or home settings. As always, please consult your physician for any questions on your specific medical needs. 

How To Set Up The Breg Cube

Set up and operate unit on a flat surface so the unit does not tip over.  Unlock handle by rotating handle to the front of the unit. Remove lid and fill container with water to indicated water fill line.  Fill to lines on label inside container. Use cubed ice for optimal performance. Only use ice and water or four (4) Breg Ice Bags and water with this unit.

CAUTION: Do not overfill the unit with ice and water. Appropriate levels are indicated by the ice/water label in the container. Overfilling the unit can cause water to spill out or prevent the lid from closing properly.

FIRST ADD WATER SECOND ADD ICE  Place lid on container using align stickers. 

Lock by rotating the handle to the upright or back position according to image on handle.  Every 6-8 hours or as needed, pour out enough water to return water level to original water fill line and re-fill ice to ice line.

How To Using Ice Bags With the Breg Cube:

  • Setup with Ice Freeze Bag and Water:  
  • Remove three (3) empty Ice Bags from the packaging.
  • Fill the three (3) Ice Bags with water to fill line. Do not over fill.  
  • Freeze Ice Bags in freezer.
  • Set up and operate unit on a flat surface so the unit does not tip over.  
  • Unlock handle by rotating handle to the front of the unit. 
  • Remove lid and add water to fill line in container. 
  • Place all three (3) Ice Bags into the corners of the container as shown.
  • Only use ice and water or three (3) Ice Bags and water with this unit.
  • Replace lid and lock by rotating the handle to the upright or back position.  
  • Replace four (4) melted Ice Bags with three (3) frozen Ice Bags every 4-5 hours or as needed. 
  • While using the Ice Bags, cubed ice may also be added to the container up to the ice fill line to optimize the colder setting.

Connecting and Disconnecting Cold-Pad to Unit:  

  • Line up the Breg logos on the tubing and pad connectors.
  • Squeeze down gently on the blue clips.
  • Push connectors together until they make a “click” sound. 
  • Disconnect the cold pad from the unit by pressing the blue clips and gently pulling the connectors apart.

The Breg Polar Care cold pad may not be disconnected from the unit while it's running. Note: Some dripping during release is normal.

How To Operate The Unit:

Operating the Unit: 

  • Press the on/off button to turn the unit on. It will illuminate. 
  • Upon initial start-up, the unit will default to colder and regular settings for cold and compression therapy, respectively.
  • If the unit was previously in use, it will default to the last settings selected when the unit was turned off.  
  • Press the cold button to cycle between colder, cold, and off.  
  • Press the compression button to cycle between regular, low, and off.  
  • Press the on/off button to turn the unit off. All lights will turn off.
  • Cold and compression therapies may be used at the same time or independently.
  • If the on/off button continuously flashes, refer to the troubleshooting guide
  • If the on/off button is on and both therapies are off for more than 15 minutes, the unit will automatically shut off.
  • Some condensation on the tube and cold pad is possible, especially in warmer climates. 

How To Clean The Unit For Storage or Re-Use

Exterior Surfaces (container, lid, tubing, cold pad, and y-adapter) 

Cleaning agents for home setting:

  • Use Mild soap & Water
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions for the cleaning agent you select.
  • Use the selected cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces of the container, lid, tubing, connectors, and cold pad.
  • Wipe dry

Internal Components (pump system, internal tubing, inside of cold pad and y-adapter) 

Cleaning agents:

  • Bleach & Water


  • Connect cold pad to unit.
  • Fill the unit with cold tap water to the ice line and add 1/2 teaspoon of bleach.
  • Do not add ice.
  • Run the cold therapy for at least 10 minutes.
  • Roll the cold pad while still connected and squeeze the water back into the container.
  • Disconnect the cold pad, pour the water out of the unit, and wipe dry

Storing the Unit:

  • Remove water from the cold pad by rolling the pad up while still connected and squeezing the water back into the unit.

  • Disconnect the cold pad.

  • Pour out water from unit and wipe dry.

  • Coil tubing as shown and secure using straps.

  • Do not store with water.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Breg, Inc. warrants that this product is free from defects in workmanship and materials, and fit for use for 180 days from initial purchase under normal use for which it was intended.

  • Breg, Inc.’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part or parts of this product. 

  • All expressed or implied warranties, including the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the actual warranty period set forth above. 

  • No other warranty, expressed or implied, is given and no affirmation of or by seller, by words or action, will constitute a warranty