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SMI Cold+Compression Wraps

The SMI Cold Therapy Universal Wrap goes on top of, or underneath, clothing to effectively penetrate the area to provide comfort and relief from pain and/or swelling for 2-4 hours. One frozen gel bag enclosed in a white, antimicrobial bandage layer stays firmly in place. One additional gel bag is included to ensure you always have a frozen gel bag ready to go when you need it most.

Watch Our Interview with David Hambro - Vice President of Sales for SMI Cold Wraps:

  • Made in the USA. 
  • One size fits most.
  • Includes 1 Wrap & 2 Gel Bags.

Need Help Making it Through the Day?

From your morning workout to your afternoon at work to an evening spent relaxing at home, our wraps can help make your day free from discomfort. Try a wrap today and get on living and enjoying your life. No need to slow down or stop because you’re hurting.

WHY SMI? Because SMI Wraps Will Keep You Moving

With an SMI Cold Therapy Wrap, you can move about unencumbered by tubing or power cords. Our wide, strong compression straps ensure a firm fit so your wrap stays where you put it. Our gel bags deliver cold for 4 hours so you can keep going for hours. Experience the SMI Advantage and discover for yourself that Relief truly is In the Wrap!


Features & Benefits


100% Mobility

Not tethered to any cooler or ice bags allowing for freedom of movement while wearing

Strong Compression

4-way stretch for effective compression & fit means the wrap stays in place while moving


Moisture-wicking fabric keeps condensation away – won’t harbor harmful bacteria


Gel pouch liners are antimicrobial & wick away moisture, keeping skin dry & protected

Stretch Straps

Extra wide proprietary straps hold wrap in place for ambulation

Cold 4 Hours

Non-toxic gel bags mold perfectly to the targeted area & cool for up to 4 hours


FDA REGISTERED - You Can Trust Our Wraps

FDA Establishment Registration & Device Listing

View FDA Listing (leaves site)

  • Class 1 Medical Device – Pack, Hot or Cold, Reusable – SMI Cold Therapy Wrap
  • Manufacturer: Complaint File Establishment
  • Registration Number: 3014527899
  • FEI Number: 3014527899
  • Owner/Operator Number: 10057529
  • SMI Cold Therapy, LLC • 60 Commerce Road • Rocky Mount, VA 24151

  • Easy Applications

    Applying one of our SMI Wraps is as easy as 1•2•3. Just follow the steps below to ensure you have the best fit in order to receive the most benefits from your cold therapy compression wrap.

    • Versatile design provides support, compression, cold therapy and/or heat therapy to the foot, ankle or calf area
    • Designed for self-application if necessary
    • Allows full mobility while being used
    • Common uses: Post-operative pain & swelling relief, physical therapy, sports injuries & chronic pain relief
    • An antimicrobial liner that wicks moisture
    • Latex-Free


    Why do I need Cold Therapy?

    Pain and Swelling are two of the most unpleasant side effects of orthopedic trauma and surgery. Cold therapy is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatment methods to combat these issues. Cold therapy also helps reduce the need for pain medications. It speeds the recovery process and gets you back to the pain-free life you deserve. How does it work? It decreases fluid buildup (swelling) and slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation. It decreases pain by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses and provides pain relief by limiting the muscle's ability to maintain contraction which reduces muscle spasms.

    Is Cold Therapy right for me?

    Cold therapy may not be for everyone and can result in skin injury if misused. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and any potential risks associated with cold therapy and will determine if a cold therapy system is right for you.

    How do SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wraps work?

    SMI Cold Therapy wraps deliver a quick blast of cold within a comfortable temperature range then, as the gel thaws, the gel pillows will stay frozen to allow for longer-term application. The compression wraps provide comfortable compression for relieving swelling at the injury site, which aids in the healing process. The compression straps will also keep the wrap in place to allow for full mobility while continuing the cold therapy.

    Since your Cold Therapy Wraps go on top of the surgical dressing, will the cold effectively penetrate post-op bandages?

    Yes, SMI 3 + Hour Gel Bags are the coldest when they come out of the freezer and will penetrate through even the thickest of bandage dressings. Once the thermal heat transfer occurs and the surgical site is cooled down, the patient will have continuous cold therapy applications following a Gel Bag changing cycle of every (4) hours.

    Once the surgical dressing is removed, can the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap be placed against the skin?

    Yes, the SMI Compression Pouch acts as a protective barrier. For patients that have cold sensitivity, a hand towel or pillowcase can be added between the wrap and skin.  The elastic straps allow for variable compression. Simply loosen the straps for less cold or tighten the straps for more cold application.

    Will the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap be effective on top of an ACL brace, knee or shoulder immobilizer, or CPM?

    Yes, the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap always goes on top of any type of post-op brace or immobilizer.  The elastic straps and Wrap envelop the brace or immobilizer and will penetrate for cold applications.  Simply position the Gel Pouch to effectively cover the affected area and secure the elastic straps for a snug fit.

    How do SMI Cold Compression Wraps provide continuous cold therapy?

    While you are wearing the Compression Wrap with your first set of Gel Bags, the second set should be re-freezing in a freezer.

    SMI 3+ hour Gel Bags take (4) hours to re-freeze. Once the Gels are no longer cool to the touch, or about the (4) hour mark, you may replace them with the extra set of frozen Gel Bags. This provides a continuous cold therapy application.

    How does this product compare to electric cooling machines?

    The SMI Cold Compression Wrap is the only product of its type to be clinically proven to perform just as well as, or better than, electric-powered cooling machines in all aspects measured.

    When I feel the Gel Wrap Liner, why doesn't it feel very cold at all?

    The elastic compression straps help drive the cold through to the surgical site and the surrounding area. While it may not feel cold to the touch, the compression delivers a safe, therapeutic cold therapy temperature to the affected area.

    How does the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap encourage patient ambulation and an active rehab?

    The Compression Straps can be easily positioned for a comfortable and snug fit. Once in position, you may ambulate without the wrap migrating.

    Is there any risk of skin breakdown or frost-bite from using this product?

    Not as long as the product is always applied with the gel bags in the SMI Cold Therapy wrap. The gel bags are designed to give a quick blast of cold to transfer initial heat out of the joint. After about an hour, the gel is melted and the mini gel bags remain frozen to maintain the already cold joint’s temperature without continuously cooling it.

    Does Health Insurance cover the cost of the SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap?

    Most insurance companies do not cover cold therapy, even if you have scheduled surgery. However, your insurance company may reimburse you. Medicare cannot be billed for cold therapy. Cold Therapy is an important step in your post-operative recovery. Most users are happy with their decision to use cold therapy despite the cost and they often recommend it to others.


    Disclaimer - Caution, Warnings, and Requirements

    Breg Prescription Mandate

    Breg has now required prescriptions or resale certificates for all it's cold therapy devices. Please email us your prescription/resale certificate to 

    We cannot ship your Breg order until your prescription is received. 

    By placing your order, you acknowledge the following:

    Cryotherapy should not be used by persons with Diabetes, Raynaud's or other vasospastic diseases, cold hypersensitivity, or compromised local circulation. Please consult with your healthcare provider. 

    You must agree with the statement below before purchasing this product: 

    • My physician has prescribed this product for my medical condition. I will read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. I assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this cold therapy product. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by the use of this unit.
    • By purchasing this system, you certify that you are a qualified medical professional or currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed a cold therapy product. You agree to read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. You understand that the user will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this item. You agree to contact a physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by the use of this device. You understand that is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By clicking "Add to Cart" you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true.
    • I understand that is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. can provide general recommendations but cannot provide specific instructions as to the product's application or use. By purchasing this product you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true. Please consult your doctor if you are Diabetic or suffer from poor circulation or neuropathic (nerve) disorders.
    • I acknowledge that there is a difference between the Polar Care Cube and Polar Care Kodiak connectors. 


      • By purchasing from this website, I hereby acknowledge the FDA warning about not applying cold therapy pads directly to skin. 

      Warranty And Return Information:

      Due to the medical nature of this product, we cannot accept returns once the product has been shipped unless defective and covered under the manufacturer's warranty.  

      By clicking "Add to Cart" you certify your acceptance of the above statements.  

      Due to the medical nature of this product, we cannot accept returns once the product has been shipped unless defective and covered under the manufacturer's warranty.  

      If you have questions, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you. Call us at (844) 505-8144 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.

      After a surgical procedure, your medical team may encourage you to utilize cold therapy to help you recover. The use of cold treatments is a proven addition to many recovery plans that may be used in conjunction with other supportive therapeutics. Convenient and easy to use at home, these portable therapy machines are often used to reduce post-surgical pain and allow for a more comfortable recovery period. Let’s look at how cold therapy works and the seven devices we recommend that utilize this innovative and effective therapy.

      How Cold Therapy Works

      Ice has long been understood to be an effective tool in treating sudden, acute injuries to help reduce swelling and pain. The practice of rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E.) has become standard when treating injuries, and the use of cold therapies has extended to surgical recovery. The use of therapy machines has integrated the effectiveness of using icy cold water with the convenience of a wrap, cuff or another mechanism to deliver a consistently cold temperature to the affected area. These devices come in different shapes and styles along with related accessories tailored to maximize the health benefits for specific areas of the body. Some of the demonstrated effects of using cold therapies are:

      • Reduced pain
      • Reduced swelling and inflammation
      • Soothed muscles
      • Improved sleep quality
      • Improved immune function
      • Faster metabolism

      The 7 Most Popular Machines

      1. Breg Polar Care Cube

      Perfect for post-operative care as well as for helping with chronic pain and physical therapy, the Breg Polar Care Cube is a compact system that provides 6-8 hours of care with the addition of ice and water. The Breg Polar Care Cube circulates the icy water into the Wrap-On Polar Pads which are wrapped onto the treatment location. These are secured with the included elastic straps so you can be confident the device will stay in place for the duration of the treatment time. This device is simple to use making it easy to see why it is a best seller.

      2. Breg Polar Care Wave

      A step up from the Breg Polar Care Cube, the Breg Kodiak Wave combines icy therapy treatment with compression pads to bring increased relief to users. This machine includes compression pads with variable controls so users can customize the compression strength as well as the levels of cold for the treatment. Breg offers accessories that are compatible with the device to personalize further the treatments for the knee, shoulder, foot/ankle, back, and hip as well as a universal pad. Another easy-to-use device, the Breg Polar Care Wave works in conjunction with ice and water and ice freeze bags are available for this machine to fit to make cooling it even easier. This device is an excellent addition to surgical recovery plans since it is designed to not only reduce pain but also minimize edema.

      3. Breg Polar Care Kodiak

      Another of the most popular therapeutic devices is the Breg Polar Care Kodiak. This machine is the only battery-operated device on the market making it convenient and easy to use in any situation. Used with one of Breg’s Intelli-Flo pads as a barrier between the cooling mechanism and the body, the Breg Polar Care Kodiak machine will cool for 6-8 hours with the addition of ice and water. The Kodiak Battery pack powers this machine for 10-14 hours, adding to the portability and usability of the device. This device is an excellent choice for those who don’t want their therapy needs to disrupt their lives since the Breg Polar Care Kodiak can be used at home, at work or in almost any location with the use of the battery pack.

      4. Aircast Cryo Cuff IC

      The CryoCuff compression wraps are part of the cooling system from Aircast that can be used with Aircast’s motorized Cooler as well as the Aircast Gravity system. The well-insulated system that comes with the Aircast CryoCuff IC ensures that the cuffs, circulating icy water to the covered areas, will stay chilled for hours of relief. The detachable cooler makes the CryoCuff IC system convenient and comfortable. The compression provided by the CryoCuff as well as the levels of cold are both controllable, making this system perfect for all levels of support and therapy needed, from just starting to the completion of therapy. The foot, knee, thigh and should cuffs that are used with this machine come in multiple sizing options to customize the fit and improve therapeutic outcomes. Ideal for rehabbing, the Aircast CryoCuff IC helps to reduce swelling and discomfort in targeted areas.

      5. DonJoy Clear3

      The DonJoy® IceMan Clear3 w/ Wrap-On Pads is a cooling machine featuring a visible ice and water storage location that helps users keep track of their system’s cooling potential at all times. The Donjoy Clear3 cold therapy cooler and pump system are very compact, making it a highly convenient choice for those who need to use cold therapies at home. DonJoy’s patented recirculation system with dual pumps means that the water’s temperature will stay consistently accurate. This device is also very versatile and works well for almost any injury since the wrap pads and sterile dressing pads can be configured for almost any area and for a user of any size. Following DonJoy’s mission to “keep people moving,” the DonJoy Clear3 is the perfect choice for post-surgical and rehab recovery plans.

      6. Donjoy Classic3

      The Donjoy Classic3 also utilizes the company’s patented dual circulation system, so users can be sure that the water from the Donjoy Classic3 Cold Therapy Cooler will stay consistently cold and at the temperature they need. This machine works with sterile and non-sterile dressings, making it a good option for those needing cold therapies at home during post-surgical recovery. The large, oversized shoulder wrap works well for most sizes and the large rectangular wrap can assist with lower back cold therapy treatment. Smaller pads can be used for wrist or even foot therapy treatment, making the Donjoy Classic3 highly versatile.

      7. AirCast Gravity

      This gravity cooling system is highly convenient and easy to use for pressure and cold therapy treatments. The cuff can be easily utilized on wrists, shoulders, knees or other areas of the body that will benefit from Aircast’s pneumatic compression technology combined with icy treatment as it fills with cold water filled from the portable, detachable Aircast Cold Therapy Cooler. The filled Aircast Gravity Cooler System + CryoCuffs provide support for the recovering area while the highly portable device allows for complete mobility for the user once the cuff is detached from the cooler. This targeted device is ideal for at-home surgical recovery and the included Velcro straps help to secure anatomically specific pads easily with minimal outside help. The cuffs are available for knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, hip, elbow, and wrist as well as pediatric sizing. With its controlled cold and adjustable comfort levels, this machine is often used for knee recovery since it can assist with pain and swelling reduction and minimize hemarthrosis.

      Effective At-Home Cold Therapy

      Many recovery plans call for therapeutics that will decrease pain and enhance healing so medical teams often encourage the use of cold therapy machines that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Finding the best cooling system to use for cold therapies you can complete at home is key to a fast and successful recovery from a recent surgery like total knee replacement, hip replacement, or back, shoulder or ankle repairs. If your doctor has recommended adding cold water therapy to your recovery regimen, picking one that works for your lifestyle can help you get back on your feet faster and feel less pain in the process.

      Supply Physical Therapy Can Help

      SupplyPT offers a selection of the most popular machines for the at-home care you need. Using these devices, with the support and direction of your medical team, supports your recovery through a decrease in pain and swelling and allows you to return to comfort and strength faster. Our expertise in physical therapy devices can help you find the right machine for your needs and help you get on the road to recovery right from home. Not only can you find the right machine, but you can also choose the best pad, wrap, sterile pads and support accessories to work with the cooling device so that your therapy will be precisely what your body and your recovery require. Don’t leave your rehab and recovery therapy to a no-name brand when the top brands in therapy devices like Aircast, Donjoy and Breg all have proven success in helping people return to health through the use of cold therapies. Put your trust in proven names that can back up their devices with years of experience helping people recover post-surgery with their popular and easy-to-use therapeutic devices.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Patricia B. (Morgantown, US)
        Excellent product

        This cooling product is the best I have found. The gel bags stay cold for a much longer time than any others I have used. They are flexible to shape even frozen. The pouch that holds them is soft and flexible. As an RN and knee replacement patient, I highly recommend them for patient rehab and pain control.

        K.F. (Holland, US)


        Bev D. (Wheeling, US)
        Cold paks

        Disappointed. Not the same as purchased SMI prior. Prior had small pockets within gel bag. Far superior cold. Thought this was same product. Not

        Mike N. (Gainesville, US)
        Just what I needed!

        I had my knee replaced and they gave me 4 of those ice packs with wraps. I got to the point where I needed 2 extra, and yours were the very same I already had.
        Now I don't worry about running out of cold packs.
        Very happy with the quick service.

        Thornton (Prospect, US)
        Good product

        Works great, should have bought 2 extra bags but i get 2 20 minute sessions in with 20 minutes in between. And their still cold. Might be able to get 3.

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